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  12:15-13:15 SV1717

Microfluidic manipulation in small fluid volumes can both increase assay sensitivities and improve reproducibility through automation. In my work, I apply microfluidics to single cell analysis, I systematically evaluate the sensitivity, precision, and accuracy of various approaches to single-cell RNA-seq. Our results show that it is possible to use single-cell RNA-seq to perform quantitative transcriptome ... Read more about "BMI Seminar // Harnessing microfluidics in few-cell and single-cell manipulations for biological discovery"
By Angela Wu,  Division of Life Science, HKUST - The Hong Kong ...



Bike to Work 2017 is here! We cordially invite you to participate in this new edition. In May and June, come on campus by bike! Our goal is to beat last year’s record, with 525 participants and a total distance of 131'539 km! In addition to many prizes, participants will get invitations to special events ... Read more about "Bike to work 2017"



Funding through the current call aims to attract scientists form other fields into metabolism. The 2nd Kristian Gerhard Jebsen call for proposals will favor collaborative projects that cross boundaries between metabolism/nutrition and engineering or medicine, or projects that develop or apply a systems approach to the study of nutrition and metabolism. Funding will encourage projects ... Read more about "Calls for projects in Metabolism and Nutrition proposals"