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  08:00-17:00 BI A0 448

The development of adequate modeling tools for the dynamical evolution of market prices and interest rates is of strategic importance for the financial industry and is at the core of the interests of much academic research. These models are, for example, the first building blocks in the construction of pricing and hedging tools and of ... Read more about "School and Workshop on Dynamical Models in Finance"
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Polynomial Models in Finance
by Damir Filipovic (EPFL ...

The I-mode is an improved confinement regime of tokamak plasmas where an edge transport barrier is observed in the energy channel but not in the particle transport [1]. This is in contrast to H-mode confinement, which is characterized by transport barriers in both energy and particles. Consequently, in I-mode the impurity confinement time is low, ... Read more about "Overview of I-mode studies on ASDEX Upgrade: access, confinement properties and turbulence characterization"
By Dr. T. Happel - Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik (IPP-Garching), D
  14:00-15:00 PPB019

Physics is an experimental science where theories should be confronted with experimental results. This validation process requires the development of plasma diagnostics to show that a new model faithfully represent physics reality, including quantitative assessments of discrepancies between theoretical and experimental results. From this perspective the direct experimental characterization of zonal flows, quantifying their role ... Read more about "Development of plasma diagnostics as trigger for new physics: non-linear saturation mechanisms of plasma turbulence and dynamics of neutrals in fusion plasmas"
By Dr. C. Hidalgo - Laboratorio Nacional de Fusión, CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain
  14:15-15:15 GR CO 01

Résumé : Les conjectures de Manin et Peyre décrivent la répartition des points rationnels de hauteur bornée sur une variété de Fano en terme d'invariants géométriques de cette variété. S'inspirant de travaux récents de La Bretèche et de Blomer, Brüdern et Salberger, on s'intéressera au cours de cet exposé aux conjectures de Manin et de ... Read more about "La conjecture de Manin pour une famille d'hypersurfaces projectives"
By Kevin Destagnol (Université Paris 7)
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By Prof. Eric Meggers Department of Chemistry, University of Marburg (Germany)