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  Thursday 23 March 2017 17:00 Microcity, Neuchâtel - Auditoire

1st FSRM - Instant-Lab horological colloquium

By François Junod, Automatier - Sculpteur

The FSRM - Instant-Lab horological colloquiums alternatively focus on the measure of time, horological craftsmanship and the watch industry. They allow the watchmaking and academic communities to meet at presentations by distinguished personalities in each of these universes. The talks are also destined for young people, university students and the general public. 

With a background in micromechanics and fine arts, François Junod became automaton maker-sculptor.  With his team in Saint-Croix, he creates highly complex androids that can be found the world over. He will take us into the fascinating and magical world of the intimate mechanics animating his creations whose fundamental elements are those of mechanical watchmaking: gears, springs and spirals… 

Registration to the colloquium not mandatory, but welcome:

Organization Instant-Lab - FSRM

Contact Dr. Ilan Vardi, Instant-Lab

Accessibility General public

Admittance Free