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Date and time 28.05.2021  
Category Call for proposal

PENTA and EURIPIDES² have agreed to synchronize their call also for 2021. This contributes towards a simplification of the funding landscape and brings a wider range of countries and partners together through PENTA, EURIPIDES² and, where appropriate, co-labelled projects.

PENTA targets transnational innovation supporting National priorities in micro and nanoelectronics enabled systems and applications. EURIPIDES² focuses on smart electronic systems and smart systems integration from components to systems.

All proposals will be submitted through the PENTA/EURIPIDES² Project Zone, with applicants being given a simple choice in terms of which programme they are submitting their project to. Evaluation processes will be organised and coordinated depending on how the project is submitted.

Submission deadline:

  • Deadline for Project Outline 26.02.2021
Two-stages submission:
  1. Project Outlines (PO), deadline for the PO submission is 26.02.2021
  2. Projects accepted at PO level are invited to submit a Full Project Proposal (FPP), deadline for the FPP submission is 28.05.2021

Please ensure that you use the correct template for a PENTA, EURIPIDES² or co-labelled project submission. PENTA and/or EURIPIDES² team members are available to assist you in submitting your project proposal.

Funding: The PENTA label, the EURIPIDES² label as well as the PENTA/EURIPIDES² label are endorsed by all EUREKA Member Countries (https://penta-eureka.eu/funding/) and financial support can be provided according to national funding procedures. For Swiss partners, the contact point is: Colette John-Grant, Innosuisse : [email protected]

For more information:
Contact: [email protected] for administrative, financial, ethics and legal assistance.
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