[3RCC Targeted Call 2023: Advancing responsibility: Reducing Surplus Animals and Promoting Change | Research Funding]


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Date 31.10.2023
Category Call for proposal
Develop more effective approaches to addressing surplus issues globally, reducing surplus and enhancing the ethical use of animals in research. Researchers are invited to submit proposals aimed at developing innovative strategies to tackle the issue of animal surplus effectively.
Projects should seek a strong focus on broad implementation and communication / dissemination of the results.

Funding and Eligibility:
Researchers from academic institutions and research organisations are invited to apply for funding. Collaborative projects and interdisciplinary approaches are highly encouraged, as are cross-sector collaborations with industry. Grant sizes typically lie between CHF 230’000 and 460’000, but will depend on the scope and quality of the proposed research.

Duration: 4 years (no minimum)
Outline proposal submission deadline: October 31st 2023
Link: https://swiss3rcc.org/targeted-call-2023

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