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A criterion for existence of Néron models


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Date and time 10.10.2019 15:1516:45  
Place and room
Speaker Giulio Orecchia (Université de Rennes 1)
Category Conferences - Seminars

Given an abelian variety A over the fraction field K of a Dedekind domain R, there is a canonical model for A over R, called Néron model. It enjoys a number of useful properties. However, if K is the fraction field of a higher dimensional ring R, there may be no Néron model for A. In the first 30 minutes, I will introduce Néron models, motivate their definition, and show an example of jacobian not admitting a Néron model over a 2-dimension base. In the following 45 minutes, I will introduce a criterion, called toric additivity, for an abelian family with semistable reduction to admit a Néron model over a higher dimensional base scheme. If time allows, I will discuss work in progress about how logarithmic jacobians constitute a good replacement for Néron models.

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  • Dimitri Wyss


  • Monique Kiener

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