Almost-universal integral quadratic forms: an effective solution of a problem of Ramanujan


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Date and time 03.12.2019 15:1516:35  
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Speaker Jacek Bochnak
Category Conferences - Seminars
  Description: ALMOST-UNIVERSAL INTEGRAL QUADRATIC FORMS : AN EFFECTIVE SOLUTION OF A PROBLEM OF RAMANUJAN The object of the talk is to present several results ( obtainend jointly with B.K.OH ) that yield an effective methods for deciding whether a positive-defined integral quadratic form is almost-universal ,that is ,whether it represents all large positive integers. In this way we obtain the final and definitive solution to a problem first addressed and investigated by Ramanujan over 100 years ago.
Special attention is given to 2 -anisotropic quaternary almost-universal forms, representing the main difficulty in the solution of the problem.

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