An introduction to Space Architecture - Hidden Past and Future Horizons


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Date 07.10.2019
Hour 13:0014:30
Speaker Oscar Arenales
Category Conferences - Seminars

This seminar will focuses on the space architecture projects and professional life trajectory of the architect Oscar Arenales, exploring concepts on space station, lunar bases and planetary manned missions, with an emphasis on human exploration and our possible next cosmic interactions.  We will examine futuristic hidden programs and space exploration, along with provocative hyper-civilization encounters. Crucial moment in our history where we can explore many concepts and technologies that still far beyond us, this is an invitation in the need to overlap our times and try to travel ahead of the bounds of known science or major theories.

Oscar ARENALES was born in 1958, in Bogotá, Colombia. French - Colombian architect educated at the Paris-Villemin Architectural School - EAPV 1982-1988 and registered in France DPLG,  he initiated his professional practice with Ralph Erskine, architect specialist in polar environments at his office in Sweden and later in Paris with others French renowned firms, before creating in 1992 his own form: “The Architectural Version Laboratory for Advanced Design Studies - ARVER Space” -. Dedicated to Space Technologies, Space Systems - Human Factors, he has been involved with international space agencies such NASA, ESA, CNES in studies related to space exploration. He holds a Master’s degree in Space Architecture from University of Houston, USA 1990, and PhD degree in Space Technology Applications and Policy from the University of Aix-Marseille, France 2001. At the University of Tokyo / School of Engineering, he contributed to create the first Space Architecture Research Group in Japan 2001-2003, within Professor Suichi Matsumura’s Architecture Laboratory. From 2006 till 2017 he was dealing with sea underwater station research and then as Guest Professor at the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology TUMSAT, Japan. Since 2018 he lives in Switzerland improving his researches.