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  Thursday 1 June 2017 16:00 - 17:00 Zeuzier

Being a "nano-Valentino" : towards a rational design of metallic nanoparticles

By Prof. Francesca Baletto
King's College London, UK

ChE-602 - Recent Events in Energy seminar series

Nanoclusters are today of widespread use in various applications, ranging from medicine, to memory storage, optics, plasmonics, and catalysis. Such a wide range of applications is possible because of a large variety of their peculiar chemophysical properties can be tuned by playing with size and chemical composition of the nanoparticle itself. Indeed, the properties of a cluster depend on their geometry, although this relationship is not fully understood yet. In this talk, we will try to elucidate this link with examples taken from nanomagnetism [1] and nanocatalysis [2]. The general idea is to deliver a geometrical fingerprint, which can be used to predict the qualitative behaviour of a metallic nanocatalyst over a wide size range.
[1] C. DiPaola, R. D'Agosta, and F. Baletto, Nano Letters, 2016
[2] GG. Asara, L.O. Paz-Borbon, F. Baletto, ACS Catalysis, 2016


Organization Prof. Raffaella Buonsanti

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