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Bits & Bugs: Software Failures in Scientific Computing


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Date and time 13.05.2019 16:1517:15  
Place and room
Speaker Prof. Dr. Thomas Huckle, Technical University of Munich
Category Conferences - Seminars
Computational Mathematics Seminar

In October 1999, in the na-digest Pete Stewart mentioned some famous numerical software errors like the Patriot failure during the Iraq war and the Vancouver Stock Exchange rounding error asking for further examples. This started a search for numerical software bugs adding a series of different bugs like the sinking of the Sleipner gas rig, the deathly accidents by the Therac-25 radiation device, the Pentium division bug, or the Ariane-5 explosion.
In this talk we will give an overview over many of these classical bugs, but also present more recent events related e.g. to Boeing 737 Max, autonomous driving, fly-by-wire accidents, bugs in financial transactions, problems with military software and space flight, weather prediciton, and airport management.

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