Black Holes as Extreme Quantum Information Processors


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Date and time 17.05.2021 16:1517:15  
Speaker Prof. Brian Swingle, University of Maryland  --   video of the colloquium
Category Conferences - Seminars

It is often suggested that our theory of spacetime and gravity is in tension with quantum theory, for example, that quantum information might be lost in black holes. However, recent developments suggest that spacetime and gravity actually emerge from complex patterns of quantum information. I will review these developments with a focus on the physics of black holes in certain well controlled models of quantum gravity. Along the way, I will highlight many connections to the physics of chaotic quantum many-body systems. To conclude, I will argue that these connections between quantum gravity and quantum information offer a new route to quantum gravity in the lab: the potential to use a quantum computer to simulate otherwise impossible experiments probing the quantum nature of spacetime.

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