Blue Mind - Sensory wanderings


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Date 04.10.2021 17:3018:30  
Category Cultural events
Event Language French, English, German, Italian, Other

How to reappropriate spaces that are frequented on a daily basis? Four dancers from the MARCHEPIED Company propose Blue Mind, an original visit of the Rolex Learning Center.

Blue Mind is at the same time a show, a performance and a wandering that allows to experiment the fluidity of spaces.

Dreaming, movement of the body and the journey of the mind will be in the spotlight. Taking the time to walk through a known place in a different way injects a different rhythm in the daily life. These beneficial drifts, individual and collective, joyful and unusual, create new memories linked to the Rolex Learning Center.

Blue Mind is organized by the CDH-Culture as part of the festivities surrounding the anniversary of the Rolex Learning Center.


  • Léna Bagutti
  • Tamara Bermudez
  • Neil Höhener
  • Calvin Tak Chi Ngan
Two dates :
  • Monday, 4 October at 5:30 p.m.
  • Monday, 11 October at 5:30 p.m.
Duration: 1 hour
Meet at the Rolex Learning Center reception desk

The COVID Pass is required to enter the building