BMI Distinguished Seminar // Evan Macosko: Spatial and Single Cell Genomics for Next Generation Neuroscience


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Date 12.10.2023
Hour 14:0015:00
Speaker Evan Macosko, Broad Institute, Cambridge, USA
Location Online
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English

The advent of next generation sequencing ushered in a ten-year period of exuberant technology development, enabling the quantification of gene expression and epigenetic features within individual cells, and within intact tissue sections.  In this seminar, I will outline our technological contributions, beginning with the development of Drop-seq, a method for high-throughput single cell analysis, followed by the development of Slide-seq, a technique for measuring genome-wide expression at 10 micron spatial resolution.  Using a combination of these techniques, we recently constructed a comprehensive cell type atlas of the adult mouse brain, positioning cell types within individual brain structures.  I will discuss the major findings from this dataset, including emerging principles of neurotransmission, and the localization of disease gene signatures to specific cell types.  Finally, I will introduce a new spatial technology, Slide-tags, that unifies single cell and spatial genomics into a single, highly scalable assay.


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  • SV BMI Host: G. La Manno