Bounds for causal effects using sensitivity parameters on the risk difference scale


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Date 08.10.2021 15:1517:00  
Speaker Arvid Sjölander, Karolinska Institutet Stockholm
Location Online
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English

Unmeasured confounding is an important threat to the validity of observational studies. A common way to deal with unmeasured confounding is to compute bounds for the causal effect of interest, that is, a range of values that is guaranteed to include the true effect, given the observed data.
Recently, bounds have been proposed that are based on sensitivity parameters, which quantify the degree of unmeasured confounding on the risk ratio scale. These bounds can be used to compute an “E-value”, that is, the degree of confounding required to explain away an observed association, on the risk ratio scale.

We complement and extend this previous work by deriving analogous bounds, based on sensitivity parameters on the risk difference scale. We compare our novel bounds with previous bounds through a real data example and a simulation study.

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