Brainhack Global Geneva 2022: register or propose your project now !


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Date 01.12.2022 03.12.2022
Hour 16:0018:00
Speaker Brainhack Speakers
Geneva Campus Biotech
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English
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Are you interested in collaborating on innovative brain-related projects during the 2022 Brainhack at Campus Biotech?

Brainhack is a 2 ½ day hackathon focused predominantly – but not exclusively – on brain imaging. You can read more about the brainhack movement in our recent Neuron paper or listen directly to some of our community members here.
To participate, you don’t need to know anything specific about the brain, just bring your own! We welcome anyone from coders to doctors... with 1 ECTS for students actively participating !
Contrary to traditional hackathons where teams compete, Brainhacks are collaborative: each team works on a different project and there will be more than a half-dozen projects available. Project proposals just started being collected, so right now you have the option to attend the event as either:
  • A participant, to have fun working on any project that will be presented during the project pitches on Thursday, December 1st. To sign up as a participant, please register here and then get a ticket here.
  • A project instigator, to bring your own project idea (it could be anything from a toy or educational project to a mini-research project, cf previous and current projects). To sign up as a project instigator, please fill out this form (feel free to email us if you have any questions).
The main hackathon will take place at Campus Biotech from December 2nd – 3rd (Friday-Saturday). There will be a get together the day before on Thursday, December 1st at 5pm (cf full program here). If you want to join, we’ll cover free breakfast, free lunch and unlimited coffee. There will also be an optional happy hour planned for Thursday and Saturday night. To avoid no-shows, we set a 5 CHF ticket price for the entire event.
For more information, just check out our website at
Please note: Brainhack is part of the well-advertised worldwide Brainhack Global series, so if you already know you want to attend this 2 ½ day event, do not wait to book your spot!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us.
Looking forward to seeing you there,
The Brainhack Team