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Date 01.06.2023
Category Call for proposal

To measure human biology, we need to understand the mysteries of the cell and how cells interact within and as systems. Metabolic physiology goes beyond studying metabolic pathways in isolation and instead seeks to integrate time and space to understand how metabolism regulates coordinated action among molecules, organelles, cells, tissues, and organisms. Addressing these multi-factorial problems requires diverse experimental and technological approaches. Mapping, measuring, and integrating metabolism across scales and systems is a path to understanding various facets of human physiology and addressing many common and rare diseases.
The Measuring Metabolism Across Scales RFA will support two-year collaborative research projects focused on measuring and understanding metabolism across organelles and cells.
This opportunity is intended to support active collaborative teams of researchers with access to established resources ready to be extended, scaled, and applied to address key biological questions in the field of metabolism or metabolic physiology in health and disease. The opportunity also aims to support new collaborative teams focused on bridging multiple biology fields to accelerate metabolism research and the development of new tools to measure human biology.


  • Expanded Projects:  US$ 500,000
  • Focused Projects:  US$250,000

Duration:      24 months

  • Applications may be submitted by domestic and foreign nonprofit organizations, including public and private institutions
  • For-profit organizations are not eligible to receive funding but may be involved in projects as a collaborator
  • Teams may include a total of three PIs. Each application must have one Coordinating PI, but may designate up to three total PIs (one Coordinating PI and up to two Co-PIs). All additional PIs should be listed as Co-PIs.
  • At least one Principal Investigator of the team must have expertise in metabolism or another related field.
  • PIs/Co-PIs on one application may be employed at the same or different institutions.
  • Tenure track faculty are eligible, as well as Nnon-tenure track faculty or staff scientists who lead a lab or are engaged in academic activities and are permitted to apply for grants by their institution;
  • Researchers with expertise in the relevant areas that are affiliated with or supported by an institution and permitted to apply for grants; and
  • Co-PIs from companies are permitted as long as no funds are requested to support them or their work.
  • Early-career investigators are strongly encouraged to apply as Coordinating PIs and Co-PIs.

How to Apply: Deadline:     
  • 01 June 2023: Applications due by 5 p.m. Pacific Time (PT)
  • Mid-October 2023: Earliest notification decisions (subject to change)
  • 01 December 2023: Expected start date (subject to change)
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