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  Wednesday 27 March 2019

[ Collective Research Networking (CORNET) | International pre-competitive research funding on energy ]

CORNET was initiated as an ERA-NET in 2005 and was supported by the European Commission’s 6th and 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development until 2011, when it became a self-sustained network. CORNET’s aim is to increase competitiveness of SMEs by funding international pre-competitive, market-oriented research projects via biannual calls for proposals.
The calls follow a bottom-up approach: every topic that supports SMEs in their innovation efforts is welcome. However, Swiss-based applicants can only participate in consortia focusing on energy research in various fields of energy efficiency, renewable energies and sustainable energy use and supply: funding for applicants based in CH comes from SFOE.
The main types of targeted activities are:

  • industrial research and development
  • applied research and development.
Who can apply:
  • At least 2 different countries or regions.
  • At least an SME organisation, association or cluster, a researcher and an SME user committee with min. 5 SMEs in each country or region.
Duration: max. 24 months
  • Maximum funding for Swiss-based applicants: no limit.
  • Eligible costs: personnel, overhead, travel & subsistence, equipment, material, consumables, equipment depreciation, subcontracting costs / expenditures that are not part of R&D.
Please contact (SFOE) to verify your eligibility for the call and obtain the national application form.
Deadline: 27 March 2019 at 24h00 CET.
Average success rate: 66%
Rejected proposals can only be resubmitted once.
Earliest starting date: November-December 2019
For further information, please have a look at the call webpage, call guidelines, application templates, National Eligibility Criteria, FAQs, online application portal and supported projects. Find a project partner.

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