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Date and time 04.06.2019  
Category Call for proposal

COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) promotes Europe-wide scientific cooperation and coordination between various national research activities. It operates by means of scientific networks, known as COST Actions. COST does not fund research itself, but supports networking via different tools such as meetings, short-term scientific exchanges, training schools and dissemination activities as parts of COST Actions. Research funding has to be provided by national funding sources.

Researchers based in Switzerland are entitled to apply at the SNSF for funding. The COST call launched by the SNSF offers an opportunity to secure funding for a research project. The aim of the call is to support mainly young researchers (PhD/doctorate and postdocs, or researchers with comparable qualifications) who wish to participate in a COST Action to boost scientific cooperation and develop extensive networks across Europe.

This call covers research applications that are actively related to the COST Actions CA162##, CA171## and CA181##, given in the Annex. All applicants have to prove active participation in one of these COST Actions. They are either member of the Action’s Management Committee, substitute, or member of a working group; otherwise active involvement must be confirmed by a member of the Management Committee.

The maximum funding for a four-year project is CHF 320,000 and the maximum duration of the projects is 48 months for projects associated with COST Actions CA181## and CA171## and 36 months for projects associated with COST Actions CA162##.

Applications must be submitted via mySNF (Programmes/COST) and in English, since they will be evaluated by internationally recognized experts.

Pre-registration: In order to facilitate the composition of the evaluation panel, main applicants are highly encouraged to open their COST Project application in mySNF as early as possible, and to indicate the COST Action associated with the application, the disciplines and an outline summary of the planned research. The deadline for pre-registration is 6 May, 2019. Only the data containers corresponding to the above mentioned information need to be filled out in mySNF by this pre-registration deadline, the proposal does not need to be submitted, and can be further processed after this deadline.

The submission deadline for COST Project applications is 4 June, 2019, 17:00 Swiss local time.
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SNSF contact: Programme coordinator, Dr. Georges Klein, cost@snf.ch

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