Correlative Microscopy Summer school 2023

Greetings! Welcome to the Summer School on Correlative Microscopy Techniques to be held from 19-23 June 2023 at EPFL campus.

In recent years, advancements in correlative imaging methods have allowed us to better understand the underlying principles of biological and complex materials systems by bridging the gap between structure and function. With the integration of cutting-edge sample preparation, instrumentation, and computation techniques, we are now able to gain unprecedented insights into complex biological or material phenomenon. 

In this summer school, we have planned a series of talks, workshops, and training sessions from domain experts. This will give you a chance to learn from the best and evaluate efficacy of a particular correlative imaging modality to the problem of your interest. Whether you're a master's student looking to expand your knowledge, or a PhD student looking for answers to critical steps in correlative imaging workflow, this summer school is the perfect opportunity to do so.

You will have the chance to delve into a variety of exciting topics, including Correlative Light and X-Ray imaging, Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy, and Correlative AFM and SEM Imaging. Our program has been carefully designed to cater masters and PhD students, and will provide a comprehensive overview of the latest advancements in these fields. 

Don't miss this chance to network with other professionals and make valuable connections, while advancing your skills and knowledge in correlative imaging techniques. Registeration will end on 30th April. 

We have received funding through the ETH-EPFL Create your Own summer school initiative and also from some external funders like Zeiss, Roche and Quantifoil.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Practical information

  • Informed public
  • Registration required


  • Prabhu Prasad Swain, Eveline Simone Mayner, Rajshikhar Gupta, Pia Lavriha


  • Prabhu Prasad Swain, Eveline Simone Mayner


correlative microscopy AFM CLEM EM cryo-CLEM cryo-EM SEM super-resolution soft X-ray Image analysis AFSEM TEM