Cosmos Archaeology symposium: Encounters between art and science


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Date 25.11.2022
Hour 09:0018:00
Speaker Talks in English.
Mandatory registration, subject to seating availability.
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English
From the dawn of human civilization, we have looked at the sky to explore its secrets. Some stargazers would go on to pursue scientific knowledge of the Universe, as astrophysicists, astronomers, astronauts, or engineers. Others would interpret or document it as artists or historians. All these endeavours are devoted to exploring or representing the cosmos. And for every person involved, the Universe is an infinite source of research and wonder.

This symposium is an opportunity for space explorers from all walks of life to meet and share their diverse knowledge. They will also be able to discover how their practices, so different on the surface, might complement each other.
Organized for the Cosmos Archaeology exhibition, presented at EPFL Pavilions from 16 September 2022 to 5 February 2023, the event brings together eminent personalities from the worlds of art and science around four themes that are central to the exhibition.

Giacomo Alliata | Simone Aubert | Pascal Bettex | Florian Cabot | Lily Hibberd | Anna Hoetjes | Sarah Kenderdine | Jean-Paul Kneib | Theodore Kruczek | Cath le Couteur | Sylvestre Maurice | Michel Mayor | Lionel Métrailler | Sebastian Neitsch | Claude Nicollier | Yves Revaz | Claudia Schnugg | Virginia Trimble | Florian Voggeneder

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