Design features that facilitate meaningful learning experiences


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Date 06.12.2023
Hour 10:1511:15
Speaker Ido Roll, is an associate Professor in the Faculty of Education in Science and Technology and the Faculty of Data and Decision Sciences at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, where he also serves as the Deputy Senior Vice President for the Promotion of Learning and Teaching. His research focuses on understanding, assessing, and supporting the growth of learners into competent critical thinkers, scientists, and creative problem solvers, using Interactive Learning Environments. He does so by utilizing a variety of methodologies from the fields of learning analytics, education, cognitive science, data science, and human-computer interaction. Ido also chairs the OECD PISA Learning in the Digital World expert group. He previously chaired the conferences on Artificial Intelligence in Education and on Learning at Scale. More can be found in his website,
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Abstract: Meaningful learning requires a balance between agency and support. Achieving this balance is challenging, as the more control the system takes, the less control learners have over their own learning. An alternative approach is one in which support facilitates agency instead of reducing it. In this talk, Prof. Roll will describe how technology that focuses on effective learning processes rather than the correctness of outcomes can support the development of higher-order competencies together with better learning at the domain level. Common to these examples is the use of Learning Analytics techniques to capture patterns associated with competencies such as effective learning from errors, scientific reasoning, and creative thinking. Taken together, these results challenge common views of effective support and the role of technology in learning.