Developing Leadership Skills


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Date and time 10.12.2020 11.12.202009:0017:00  
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Speaker Anne-Marie Turcotte
Category Internal trainings

The skills required to be an effective Team Leader today call upon a whole set of skills commonly referred to as Soft Skills. These include an understanding of the importance of emotional intelligence and the ability to communicate appropriately. Team members no longer expect their leaders to depend solely on high levels of knowledge and experience. They expect their leaders to inspire, to motivate, to give and receive feedback and to help them develop their potential.
If you are seeking to discover, enhance or acquire tools which will enable you to be an effective and respected team leader and gain the skills to meet the challenges leaders face today, this 2-day course is for you.

Combining theory, practical tools, exercises and role-plays this workshop will allow you to share and learn with other leaders at EPFL.


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