Distinguished Lectures in Digital Humanities: "Patterns and Meaning"


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Date 01.03.2016
Hour 14:0015:00
Speaker Prof. Franco Moretti Stanford University
Category Cultural events
“No  one  has  ever  seen  the  objects  studied  by  contemporary  historians”,
Krzysztof Pomian wrote a few years ago, “and no one could ever have seen them
[...] because they have no equivalent within lived experience”. True, no one has a
“lived experience” of demographic change or of literacy rates – or of image like
those used by computational criticism (or digital humanities, as they have been
disastrously named by the US federal agency in charge of funding them). We are
still studying novels, in the new space of literary labs, but we prepare them for
analysis  in  a  way  that  changes  what  is  in  front  of  our  eyes,  and  in  a  way  that
fully supports  Pomian’s  point. Reading  a  novel,  watching  a  play,  listening  to  a
poem:  this  is  the “lived  experience”  of  literature.  The  images  of  computational
criticism  are abstractions.  So:  what  does  it  mean,  studying  literature  through  a
series of abstractions?

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