Dynamical degrees of endomorphisms of affine surfaces}


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Date 30.05.2023
Hour 14:1516:00
Speaker Marc Abboud (University of Rennes 1)
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English

Let $f: \mathbf C^2 \rightarrow \mathbf C^2$ be a polynomial transformation. The dynamical degree of $f$ is defined as $\lim_n (\text{deg} f^n)^{1/n}$, where $\text{deg} f^n$ is the degree of the $n$-th iterate of $f$. In 2007, Favre and Jonsson showed that the dynamical degree of any polynomial endomorphism of $\mathbf C^2$ is an algebraic integer of degree $\leq 2$. For any affine surface, there is a definition of the dynamical degree that generalizes the one on the affine plane. We show that the result still holds in this case: the dynamical degree of an endomorphism of any complex affine surface is an algebraic integer of degree $\leq 2$. In this talk, I will give an overview of the recent results obtained on dynamical degrees on algebraic varieties and explain the key tools of the proof.

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  • Christian Urech


  • Monique Kiener (if you want to attend to the seminar by zoom, please contact me, and I'll give you the link)

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