Electrodeposition Applied for preparation of Functional Materials


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Date 06.09.2018
Hour 10:3011:30
Speaker Associate Prof. Jinqiu Zhang School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology
Category Conferences - Seminars

Electrodeposition is a process of reducing metal cations in an electrolyte to a solid metal using electric current. Metals, alloys and metal composites with different functions can be obtained by adjusting the composition of electrolytes and electrodeposition process conditions. This report mainly introduces the research developments of Prof. Maozhong An's research group in the field of electrodeposition of functional materials. One part of the report presents preparation of functional materials by electrodeposition in aqueous electrolytes, including non-cyanide electrodeposition of gold and silver noble coatings, electrodeposition of zinc-nickel and nano-zinc corrosion resistant coatings, electrodeposition of Au-Pt alloy and Co-Se alloy electrocatalysts, composite electrodeposition of Sn/SiC solderable coating, and composite electrodeposition of nickel/diamond ultra-thin blades. Another part of the report presents preparation of functional materials by electrodeposition in ionic liquid electrolytes, including electrodeposition of CIGS photoelectric conversion coatings, electrodeposition of Co nanowires and Sm-Co alloy magnetic recording materials, electrodeposition of Li-Cu alloy electrode materials, and electrodeposition of gold noble coating. In addition, functional materials prepared using other methods by Professor An's group will be introduced briefly, such as Cu-N-C electrocatalytic materials, SnO2/graphene composite anode materials and ionic liquid based electrolyte membranes.

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