Electrolyte effects in electrocatalysis


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Date 26.11.2020
Hour 17:1519:00
Speaker Prof. Marc Koper Leiden University, Netherlands
Category Conferences - Seminars

Title: Electrolyte effects in electrocatalysis

In this talk, I will present some new results on the structure of the electrochemical double layer of platinum and gold single crystal electrodes. I will show that the Gouy-Chapman-Stern theory cannot explain the double layer capacitance of these interfaces, not even at low electrolyte concentrations. Based on these observations, I will suggest a new model for the electrochemical double layer. I will then discuss how this double-layer structure, or more specifically cations in the electrochemical double layer, may affect the kinetics of electrocatalytic H2 evolution and CO2 reduction, both the activity itself ànd the competition.