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  Friday 16 March 2018 16:15 - 17:15 BCH 2218

Engineering Chromatin States Towards Understanding Epigenetic Regulation

By Prof.Yael David MSKCC, New York

Chromatin serves as the physiologically relevant form of eukaryotic genomes. Modifications to both the DNA and the histone-packaging proteins allow chromatin to act as a dynamic signaling platform to regulate genomic DNA access and ultimately establish and maintain cellular phenotypes, so-called epigenetic regulation. Aberrant chromatin signaling, as a consequence of abnormal inputs and outputs, is associated with many diseases, especially cancer. A full understanding of individual chromatin signaling processes, and their interconnectivity, is a prerequisite to the design of next-generation therapeutic agents that act to ameliorate epigenetic dysregulation. However, it is extremely challenging to explore specific epigenetic mechanisms in the complex milieu of the cell nucleus. We developed a method that brings the precision and flexibility of synthetic chemistry to a native chromatin context using newly identified ultra-fast split inteins. Expanding and utilizing this advance protein-engineering tool we characterize novel histone modifications and their effect on cellular transcription.

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