Entropy on K3 surfaces


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Date 16.02.2023 14:1516:00  
Speaker Giacomo Mezzedimi (Universität Bonn)
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English

To any diffeomorphism of a manifold we can associate a real number, called the entropy, which measures how fast its iterates spread out the points of the manifold. In this talk we will investigate the entropy of automorphisms of complex algebraic surfaces, and more specifically of K3 surfaces. I will explain how we can obtain a classification of K3 surfaces of zero entropy, which exhibit the simplest dynamics among all K3 surfaces.
I will then discuss some applications concerning the distribution of rational points on K3 surfaces over number fields. This is joint work with Simon Brandhorst.

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  • Eva Bayer


  • Monique Kiener (if you want to attend to the seminar by zoom, please contact me, and I'll give you the link)

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