Tuesday 12 September - Thursday 7 December 2017

EPFL is switching to reusable dishes!

In order to reduce the production of waste linked to takeaway meals, the food trucks will no longer provide disposable dishes. You can choose either to bring your own container or use the solution offered by EPFL: the reBOX, which will also be available in most restaurants for your takeaway meals.
How does it work?
The reBOX is a reusable box, with a CHF 10 deposit. It is offered in three formats: a container with one or two compartments as well as a mug. For washing, two options: you can wash the reBOX yourself or return it to a partner catering area.
A pilot test on the whole campus
This pilot test is launched by the Sustainable Campus and Restaurants and shops departments, with the support of the Vice Presidency for Education. It is the first time in Switzerland that a whole campus participate in such a test. It will take place until December 29, and your comments are very welcome!
You will find detailed information on developpement-durable.epfl.ch/REBOX.

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