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[ First joint EUREKA / Photonics21 Mirror Group Call for R&D&I project proposals addressing Photonics for advanced manufacturing | Research funding ]


Event details

Date and time 25.07.2019  
Category Conferences - Seminars
Participating countries:
  • Austria
  • France
  • Germany
  • Israel
  • Poland
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
The participating funding bodies from the above mentioned countries intend to fund joint research and development in the area of photonics. Applicants are expected to undertake research aiming at market-able products, services or technologies with high market potential in the participating countries and/or Europe. This call will be administered under the regulations of the intergovernmental EUREKA network.
  • Call launch: March 25th, 2019
  • Submission deadline for EUREKA and Innosuisse pre-proposal applications: July 25th, 2019
  • Evaluation of the applications: August - November 2019
  • Communication of the results: December 2019
  • Start of projects: Between January and June 2020
  • Call document

Submission procedure
  • The consortium partners jointly have to complete the EUREKA Project Application Form: http://www.eurekanetwork.org/eureka-project-application-form.
  • Early consultation with the respective national funding bodies and with the respective national EUREKA offices is strongly advised. Please note that in some countries a registration of the participants prior to the proposal submission and/or the completion of additional national forms is mandatory.
  • The completed EUREKA Project Application Form should be submitted electronically by the main participant / co-ordinator (on behalf of the consortium) before the submission deadline (25 July 2019) to projects@eurekanetwork.org with reference to “EUREKA photonics call 2019” in the subject line.
  • Participants are obliged to ensure that they provide all mandatory forms and information in time and that their project proposal complies with the applicable national eligibility criteria.
Swiss project partners should adhere to the Innosuisse funding rules, combining an industrial and academic partner on the Swiss side of the project. Please take into consideration that the proposal should be balanced in a way that the Swiss industrial partner has to carry at least the same amount of costs as the academic partner (University, RTO, University of Applied Science, etc.). The academic partner is 100% funded and receives a further 10% of the Innosuisse funding in cash from the industrial partner. The industrial partner receives in return on investment the right to exploit the project results in its business domain. A participation based on self-funding is also possible if the ability to finance the project costs in-kind can be demonstrated.
Participants are invited to contact their national project coordinators before submitting the documents in order to check the eligibility of the project idea and consortium and consult on possible alternative funding models if necessary. In addition to the centrally submitted EUREKA Project Application Form, Swiss partners need to submit a shortened Innosuisse project application form available on the call website.

For Photonics 21 (partner search, advice on national funding rules and writing proposals)
Swissphotonics: Christoph Harder
+41 79 219 9051

For Innosuisse (eligibility, funding synchronization)
Innosuisse: Claire Dové
+41 58 466 79 51
Contact: research@epfl.ch for administrative, financial, ethics and legal assistance.
Accessibility: General public
Admittance: Free

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