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  Tuesday 21 May 2019 09:00 - 17:00 EPFL

FLP: Career Planning for Scientists (May 21 & May 28)

By Dr. Sarah Shephard

  • You identify your current professional strengths and weaknesses and can create opportunities to polish and develop your skills in your current position.You identify your own values, needs and priorities for your professional life and can formulate a clear statement which will help you connect with like-minded people.
  • You know the similarities and differences between different professional contexts (academia, the private sector [for example, industry or a start-up] and the public sector) and can choose wisely the context that best fits your goals, personality, temperament and needs.
  • You can use professional situations to find potential “kindred spirits”, those people who share your values and professional goals.
  • You can present yourself well in job interview situations.

Highly interactive seminar using a wide variety of learning methods such as group, pair and individual exercises, plenary discussions, case studies, coaching, and feedback, complemented by theoretical input on the relevant topics.

Registrations will open on March 19th after the kick-off event in Bern

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