Fluidic force microscopy: opening new avenues for single-cell analysis


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Date 04.02.2020
Hour 16:15
Speaker Dr. Orane Guillaume-Gentil, Institute of Microbiology, ETHZ.
Category Conferences - Seminars

Current single-cell technologies require cell isolation and lysis, precluding dynamic measurements, downstream functional analysis, or cell-cell interaction studies. Using fluidic force microscopy, which features a miniaturized pipette matching the scale of individual cells, Orane Guillaume-Gentil developed approaches that enable selective perturbation and molecular profiling of single cells. These methods uniquely preserve the cell viability and microenvironment, redefining the frontiers of single-cell analysis.

Orane Guillaume-Gentil obtained a M.Sc. degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the ETHZ in 2004. She did her PhD thesis in Biomedical Engineering at the ETHZ with Prof. Dr. Janos Vörös, developing smart biointerfaces for tissue engineering. She received her PhD in 2011, and moved then to the biology department at the ETHZ, in the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Julia Vorholt, where she is now senior scientist. Over the last 8 years, she has been driving the development of the FluidFM technology for single-cell biology.

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