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Date 25.09.2023
Hour 16:0019:00
Category Conferences - Seminars
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About the event

Join the exclusive event that unveils the future of healthcare. Discover "Medicine 3.0," a revolutionary concept that merges the latest technologies, data, and machine learning to personalize and prevent healthcare like never before.

The Future of Health Grant annual event is a platform where industry leaders, innovators, and change-makers come together to discuss and shape the future of healthcare. The event features keynote speeches, round table discussions, and firsthand testimonials from pioneers in the field. This year, we focus on "Medicine 3.0," an approach that harnesses the power of technology and data to revolutionize healthcare with personalization and prevention.

EPFL Innovation Park, in partnership with CSS, the leading health insurance provider in Switzerland, has launched the Future of Health Grant program. This program aims to identify and support early-stage projects that can contribute to the advent of Medicine 3.0.

Why Attend?
  • Gain Insights: Acquire valuable insights into the latest developments shaping the health industry and stay ahead of the curve.
  • Connect: Network with industry leaders, innovators, and like-minded individuals who are passionate about transforming healthcare.
  • Be Inspired: Get inspired by renowned keynote speakers who will share their insights on the future of healthcare and the impact of Medicine 3.0.
  • Discover Cutting-Edge Solutions: Explore the innovative solutions of international digital health startups and the 16 startups that have completed the first-year curriculum of the Future of Health Grant program.
  • Experience Firsthand: Witness the future of health firsthand as you engage with cutting-edge technologies and solutions showcased at this extraordinary gathering.
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  • EPFL Innovation Park


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