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Date and time 21.01.2019  
Category Call for proposal

The “Manufacturing technologies” impulse programme funds innovation projects at the interface between research and technology transfers that Swiss companies conduct together with research institutions in the digitally-oriented "Industry 4.0 and Modern manufacturing technologies" segment.
Submission deadlines: There will be two calls for proposals depending on the project duration
Project Duration                             18 Months                                        12 Months
Call for proposal starts                 27.11.2018                                        27.11.2018
Deadline submission                    21.1.2019                                          20.5.2019
Decision                                           Beginning of March 2019                Beginning of September 2019
Project start                                     1.5.2019                                             1.11.2019
Project end                                      31.10.2020                                        31.10.2020

Funding: The same conditions apply as for Innosuisse’s regular innovation project funding. 
Special Funding criteria:
Exploratory projects: Preference for funding will be given to exploratory projects at the interface between research and technology transfer, in which larger consortia or research associations work together with interdisciplinary teams from the worlds of research and industry.
Create quantitative advantages or new production opportunities: The projects are intended to provide the Swiss economy with quantitative advantages such as increased productivity, production flexibility (e.g. shorter changeover times) or increased uptime as well as new production possibilities.
50% share can be reduced: The usual rules requiring a contribution of at least 50% to the project costs by the implementation partners can be reduced as a result of a case-by-case basis if the projects are particularly innovative and have above-average potential for success or their results could benefit a wide range of users.
Comparatively higher material costs are eligible for funding: Comparatively higher proportions of material costs in the total costs are also generally eligible for funding for exploratory consortium projects, provided that the costs flow into pilot and demonstration systems with broader benefits, for example, and are reasonable in proportion to staff expenses.
Good opportunities for follow-up projects: Due to their exploratory and consortium character, high-quality projects with a correspondingly successful course are expected to have good opportunities for follow-up projects with specific applications for individual implementation partners.
Each project should feature (though these are not prerequisites):

  • more than one implementation partner (including at least one SME)
  • value chain coverage by a number of implementation partners
  • more than one research partner, at least one of which is a university of applied sciences
More information are available at: Contact: research@epfl.ch for administrative, financial, ethics and legal assistance.
Innosuisse contact: Dannie Jost, Scientific Officer ICT, Tel. +41 58 467 17 55 , ict@innosuisse.ch

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