Innosuisse Switzerland-UK 2024 Call for Proposal: Switzerland-UK 2024


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Date 01.05.2024
Category Call for proposal

Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, and Innosuisse (the Swiss Innovation Agency) are launching their second bilateral call for applications for joint R&D projects. This call is open only to UK and Swiss collaborators and encourages innovation in, but not limited to, the following technologies:
  • Life sciences
  • AI
  • Semiconductor applications
  • Quantum
The aim is to support UK and Swiss collaborations and capabilities in emerging fields, thereby enhancing their global growth prospects. Proposals must contribute to the development of commercial products, processes and / or technical services with significant market potential for the UK and Switzerland. Projects should have a clear benefit and added value from the collaboration between participants from both countries (e.g. increased innovation capability, commercial advantage, access to R&D infrastructure, new application, etc.). Aligning the common objectives of project consortia with the funding criteria of both agencies will increase the success rate of funding.
  • Amount :  CHF 450’000 to Innosuisse
  • Duration :  18 – 36 months

Important Dates:
  • Deadline: 01 May 2024
  • Notification of award: 09 September 2024

All proposals must meet the following eligibility criteria in order to be considered:
  • The maximum funding request (per project) to Innosuisse must not exceed CHF 450,000.-.
  • The duration of the project must be between 18 and 36 months.
  • The project consortium must include at least one business entity from each country (UK, Switzerland) and one research institute from either the UK or Switzerland. If the Swiss applicant is an individual start-up (pre-market and <50 FTE), the research institute requirement is waived.
  • Participation of other research organisations and other commercial companies from both countries is welcome in accordance with the funding regulations of each country.
  • The research organisations and commercial companies must comply with the regulations of their respective countries.
  • To ensure that projects promote genuine international collaboration rather than internal company research, associated companies will be considered as a single entity under the parent company. Any UK registered organisation involved in an application must be a separate legal entity, not linked to the Swiss partners or vice versa.
  • If an organisation is not leading an application, it may collaborate on up to three applications.
  • The project must demonstrate a relevant innovation content, added value and benefit from the bilateral cooperation in both countries.
  • No partner may contribute more than 70% of the total person-months to the project. Person-months is the measure of the time in months that staff will devote to the project.
  • A draft consortium agreement, including intellectual property rights (IPR), must be submitted with the proposal.
  • Both agencies will only consider project costs incurred in their country as eligible. Cross-border funding is not foreseen.

How to Apply:

Each project must submit a full application before the submission deadline of 01 May 2024. The completed full application must be submitted to Innovate UK for UK partners and to Innosuisse for Swiss partners as follows:
  • UK participants must submit a formal application to Innovate UK via their online portal. Please read the guidance on applying for a call on the Innovation Funding Service before starting.
  • Swiss participants must submit a Bilateral Cooperation Application via the Innosuisse submission portal (, together with the mandatory documents listed below:
    • The title of your project must match the title provided by your UK partners in their respective national application to Innovate UK and the title in the common proposal.
    • Please select the “United Kingdom” drop-down option under “Bilateral Call / Please select the partner country of the bilateral call you intend to submit“ in the Introduction section.
    • The completed common proposal must be uploaded as part of the application.
    • The Consortium Agreement (CA) is mandatory for international projects. A draft CA must be uploaded as an attachment to the application.
  • Documents for financial check:
    • Implementation partners with < 250 FTE are required to submit the annual accounts for the last two years as an annex to the full proposal If annual accounts are not available, the financial Excel spreadsheet available on the Innosuisse website should be sent to [email protected].
    • If an implementation partner with < 250 FTE applies for more than CHF 1 Mio., Innosuisse will conduct a due diligence (additional documents will be requested later). If Innosuisse has already carried out a due diligence in the context of another initiative, the result will be taken into account in an appropriate way.
Call Brokerage Event and Partnering (Optional)

The search for project partners is supported and organised in Switzerland by Enterprise Europe Network EEN, and in the UK by Innovate UK EDGE.

EEN Switzerland and Innovate UK EDGE will set up an online business-to-business (b2match) platform with partner profiles to facilitate contacts between interested organisations. The platform will allow participants to meet at any time until 15 April 2024. All partner searches will be managed by your EEN Switzerland and Innovate UK-EDGE contacts. Partners are encouraged to register their needs on the platform as early as possible to increase the chances of building a consortium.

An online event (webinar) for interested parties will be organised on 29 January 2024. The webinar will provide information on funding conditions, the call process, partner search and other aspects of the call. Interested parties will have the opportunity to ask questions to representatives from Innosuisse and Innovate UK. The link and registration for the webinar will be made available provided on the b2match platform.

For further information:

Please visit the call website for further information on The Research Office for EPFL related questions

Partner search:
  • The search of project partners in Switzerland and the United Kingdom is supported by Enterprise Europe Network EEN (Ladina Schubert, +41 58 465 35 95, [email protected]) through the b2match platform.
Information webinar: Learn more about the international projects with the United Kingdom and the local partner Innovate UK

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