JPIAMR | Call for Proposals for Transnational Research Projects on Disrupting drug Resistance Using Innovative Design


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Date 08.03.2022
Category Call for proposal

Developed under the ERA-Net JPIAMR-ACTION, the 14th JPIAMR transnational call for research projects will support research into therapeutic/agricultural interventions based on the improvement of the efficacy, specificity, delivery, combinations and/or repurposing of drugs and plant protection agents to treat bacterial or fungal infections in One Health setting.

The Disrupting drug Resistance Using Innovative Design (DRUID) Call aims to improve the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections (including co-infection) and/or the prevention of the emergence/spread of resistance in humans, animals or plants through the improvement of the efficacy, specificity, delivery, combinations and/or repurposing of drugs and plant protection agents.

Proposals should focus on licenced antimicrobial agents (antibiotics/antifungals) or agents under pre-clinical and/or early clinical development, and should address at least one of the following topics:

  • Improvement of drug/plant protection agent efficacy and/or specificity through chemical modifications (including hit to lead optimisation)
  • Drug/plant protection agent repurposing;
  • Optimisation of drug/plant protection agent combinations, alone or with adjunct therapies (including therapeutic vaccines);
  • Design and implementation of new strategies (including optimisation of drug doses) for improved application, efficacy and delivery of single or combinations of antimicrobials;
  • Design and implementation of innovative tools, including novel chemistry and/or new materials for improved application, efficacy and delivery of antimicrobials.

Who can apply:
  • International consortia composed from minimum 3 to maximum 6 partners from at least 3 different participating countries. The maximum number of partners can be increased to seven if at least a partner from an under-represented country (including LMICs) or a company is included in the consortium. Partners from other countries may be part of a consortium if they can secure their own funding.
  • Swiss-based applicants: must be eligible for SNSF Project Funding (see EPFL Instructions for SNSF Project Funding) and cannot participate in more than one proposal per call. Please contact [email protected] to verify your eligibility for the call. Proposals with overlapping funding periods with ongoing SNSF grants are only approved if the research projects pursue different goals in the context of this programme. The SNSF exclusively funds research conducted for non-commercial purposes.

Duration: max. 36 months.

Funding: depends on the country-specific regulations. The SNSF has allocated CHF 600’000.- for 2-3 projects.

Timeline of the call:
  • Deadline for pre-proposals: 8 March 2022 at 14:00 CET
  • Swiss applicants must submit pre-proposals and full proposals via mySNF at the same deadline as the consortium applications are submitted to the Call Secretariat via the electronic submission system.
  • Invitation to submit a full proposal: end of May 2022
  • Deadline for full proposals: 5 July 2022
  • Funding decision: November 2022

For further information, please have a look at the call webpage where you will find the call text (including specific information for Swiss applicants on page 42), partner search tool, pre-proposal templates and the submission online tool.

An interactive webinar presentation of the Call and the partner search tool is organized on 25 January 2022.

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