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Date 04.10.2022 18:0020:00  
Speaker Clemens Driessen
Location Online
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Superstudio - latent futures - lecture series 2/9

How to design for multispecies care, love and play in techno-agro-ecological futures?

In this talk I will explore how the lives of plants, animals and people have been incorporated in the spaces of agricultural production in the Netherlands. We will engage with tensions between cows and robots, between greenhouse horticulture and bumblebees, and between agro-ecology and automation. Drawing on these examples we will explore the key spatial and social implications of particular emerging technologies. And we will have a conversation on how to make more-than-human futures in which humans are not the only ones ‘designing’.

dr ir Clemens Driessen, Assistant Prof of Cultural Geography, Wageningen University (NL)
Clemens Driessen is a more-than-human geographer (formerly philosopher) at Wageningen University, in the Netherlands. He is interested in the ways in which animals, plants, humans and other organisms shape each other in our contemporary technological cultures. Often in collaboration with designers, conservationists, farmers, scientists and the occasional willing nonhuman, he studies new ways of designing multispecies worlds. After earlier work on milking robots, playing video games with pigs, cultured meat, rewilding and the environment of Rene Descartes, he currently works on greenhouse horticulture, agroecological robots, and beavers.

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  • Martin Fröhlich, Sébastien Marot, Daniel Zamarbide



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