Liquid-phase transmission electron microscopy for probing electrochemical-induced processes


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Date 25.11.2021
Hour 14:00
Speaker Prof. Vasiliki Tileli - INE EPFL
Category Conferences - Seminars

The field of in-situ electron microscopy for probing the evolution of nanomaterials during electrochemical process has quickly developed in recent years due to the advancements of specialized apparatus. The technique enables observations of dynamic changes associated with morphological, microstructural, and chemical evolution of surfaces and interfaces when exposed to appropriate stimuli and has the potential to enhance our know-how of the processes that take place during device operation. During this talk, I will discuss the development and application of in-situ nanoanalytical transmission electron microscopy techniques on three distinctive electrochemical processes: charge/discharge cycling of layered oxide cathodes for lithium-ion batteries, cycling of Co-based oxides for oxygen evolution reaction, and probing of Cu nanocatalysts during the first stages of CO2 reduction reaction. The challenges involved with performing such experiments will also be discussed.

About the speaker
Vaso Tileli is currently an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Materials at EPFL working on the fundamental aspects of nanoscale physicochemical phenomena in functional materials revealed by in situ electron microscopy techniques. She received her PhD from the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering at University at Albany, SUNY NY, while working on electron beam/specimen interactions in electromagnetic fields in the presence of gases. She joined as a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellow the Department of Materials at Imperial College London for the development and application of advanced microscopy techniques for functional oxide materials and she spent time at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at University College London working on electron characterization of hybrid and/or 2D structures. 

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