Low-dimensional and Complex Dynamics


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Date and time 02.12.2019 06.12.201908:0018:00  
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This conference is aimed towards both complex and real dynamics. The idea is to connect different techniques from several fields of mostly low-dimensional dynamics. While complex analytic maps are quite rigid in comparision to other families of maps often studied, perturbing such maps in an non-rigid way has shown to be of extreme importance (e.g. the introduction of quasi-conformal maps in complex dynamics, Teichmüller theory, renormalization etc). Different regularities play an important role of the dynamics and many fundamental questions on the perturbation properties of maps are still unanswered. We hope that combining ideas from slightly different fields in dynamics shall initiate new directions of research and shed light over these and other questions.

Part of the Semester : Dynamics with Structures

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  • Magnus Aspenberg, Lund University Michael Benedicks, Uppsala University Jacek Graczyk, Université Paris-Sud XI Feliks Przytycki, Polish Academy of Sciences

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