lunch&LEARN: Introducing digital education at scale - EPFL’s contribution to the project "Éducation numérique”


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Date 15.03.2023
Hour 12:1513:00
Speaker Francesco Mondada, Academic Director of the EPFL Center LEARN
Location Online
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English

Flagship project of the Center LEARN, the main objective of the “EduNum” project is to empower teachers to help students master the three pillars of digital education (computer science, technology usage and media), all contributing to digital culture and citizenship. 

“EduNum” is a large-scale educational reform initiative in which the EPFL Center LEARN has been mandated in 2018 by the Department of Education, Youth and Culture (DFJC) of the Canton of Vaud to pilot the curricular reform across the entire cantonal school system. 

For each cycle of the education system, the dedicated team developed teaching material and trained teachers from pilot schools such that they could start implementing it into their classrooms. In parallel, these teachers provided feedback on the material and training, in turn informing the deployment that would take place beyond pilot schools. 

During the entire process, researchers were involved in order to gather data feeding back both into the monitoring to adjust the project’s actions and into evidence-based recommendations geared towards the cantonal authorities.  

After 4 years into the project, the Center LEARN has wrapped up its work on cycle 1 (1st to 4th grade) and cycle 2 (5th to 8th grade) while still being involved in the training of teachers on computer science in cycle 3 (9th to 11th grade) as well as in the creation of teaching material for the new compulsory subject  of computer science at the high school level.

In this presentation, Professor Mondada will provide a short overview of the team’s work in this major project and will answer questions from the EPFL community.

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Please note that this event is internal and geared towards the EPFL community. 
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