Tuesday 14 November - Sunday 11 February 2018 11:00 - 18:00 ArtLab EPFL

MENTAL WORK: The Cognitive Revolution Starts Here

Employing a novel technology developed in EPFL’s neuroscience laboratories, Mental Work is a series of spectacular machines controlled by brain activity alone--a thought factory placing the human mind back at the center of our technologically dominated world.

Beginning on 27 October, EPFL Artlab will put these machines to work in the first factory dedicated to the Cognitive Revolution.

=> Sign up online
For a 90-minutes work period at ArtLab on the EPFL campus in Lausanne

Training is included and no prior experience is required.
Available work slots as well as sign-up process are displayed on the Mental Work factory website.

Organization ArtLab EPFL

Accessibility General public

Admittance Free