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  Thursday 22 February 2018 10:30 - 11:30 Zeuzier, I17 4 K2

Metal-organic frameworks: from fundamental concepts to application

By Dr. Kyriakos Stylianou
Laboratory of Molecular Simulation (LSMO),
EPFL Valais, Sion

ChE-605 - Highlights in Energy Research seminar series

In this talk, I will introduce metal-organic frameworks[1], deal with some fundamental questions concerning their synthesis and characterisation[2-3] and highlight their potential towards the capture of industrially important molecules[4-5] and as photocatalysts for the generation of H2 from water splitting[6-7].
[1] Anderson, S. L.; Stylianou, K. C. Biologically derived Metal Organic Frameworks Coord. Chem. Rev. 349, 2017, 102–128.
[2] Anderson, S. L.; Gładysiak, A.; Boyd, P. G.; Ireland, C. P.; Miéville, P.; Tiana, D.; Vlaisavljevich, B.; Schouwink, P.; van Beek, W.; Gagnon, K.; Smit, B.; Stylianou, K. C. Formation pathways of metal organic frameworks proceeding through partial dissolution of the metastable phase CrystEngComm, 2017, 19, 3407-­‐3413.
[3] Gladysiak, A.; Nguyen, T. N.; Anderson, S. L.; Boyd, P. G.; Palgrave, R. G.; Bacsa, J.; Rosseinsky, M. J.; Stylianou, K. C. Shedding Light on the Protonation States and Location of Protonated N-­‐Atoms of Adenine in Metal-­‐Organic Frameworks (Inorg. Chem. 2018 – DOI: 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.7b02761).
[4] Gładysiak, A.; Nguyen, T. N; Navarro, J. A. R.; Rosseinsky, M. J.; Stylianou, K. C. A Recyclable Metal--Organic Framework as a Dual Detector and Adsorbent for Ammonia Chem. Eur. J., 2017, 23, 3602-­‐3606.
[5] Valizadeh, B.; Nguyen, T. N.; Stylianou, K. C. Porous Metal--organic Framework@polymer Beads for Iodine Capture Using a Gas Sparged Column (submitted, 2018).
[6] Kampouri, S.; Nguyen, T. N; Ireland, C. P.; Valizadeh, B.; Ebrahim, F. M.; Capano, G.; Ongari, D.; Mace, A.; Guijarro, N.; Sivula, K.; Sienkiewicz, A.; Forró, L.; Smit, B.; Stylianou, K. C. Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation from a Visible--Light Responsive Metal--Organic Framework System: The impact of Nickel Phosphide Nanoparticles J. Mater. Chem. A, 2018, 6, 2476-­‐2481.
[7] Patent Application: Stylianou, K. C.; Smit, B.; Kampouri, K.; Ireland, C. P.; Nguyen, T. N; Noble--Metal--Free Photocatalytic Systems for Hydrogen Evolution under Visible Light -­‐ EP17180055.0 (2017).

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