Nanoparticles: from their production to their commercial application


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Date 24.10.2019
Hour 16:0017:00
Speaker Dr. Michaël ROSSIER
Avantama AG, Stäfa (Zurich), Switzerland
Category Conferences - Seminars
ChE-606 - Highlights in Energy Research seminar series
Nanoparticles and their composite materials have attracted considerable interest during the last decades because of their optical, catalytic, mechanical and electrical properties, resulting in a wide range of applications. Avantama uses flame spray pyrolysis to produce its high quality powder, allowing the synthesis of precise and homogenous nanoparticles with virtually limitless chemical compositions. Furthermore, flame spray pyrolysis allows the rapid development of new materials and has proven its scalability up to the multi-ton scale.
To overcome the difficult usage of dry nanopowder in industrial processes, Avantama has developed a large know-how in formulation engineering. The formulation engineering is one of our core competencies, enabling us to help our customers to overcome tomorrow’s innovation challenges. The fine tuning of the formulation properties opens the door to the deposition of nanoparticles by roll-to-roll printing and thus allows the use of nanoparticles in applications requiring an efficient deposition method over a large area, as needed in printed electronics. Avantama formulations allow the coating of thin layers, for example such as the ones used in the production of organic photovoltaic devices.
In addition to creating nanoparticles by flame spray synthesis, we at Avantama also developed a novel approach to synthesizing Perovskite quantum dots on an industrial scale. Our proprietary production process yields the most efficient quantum dots at industrial scale.

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