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Date and time 25.05.2020  
Category Call for proposal

The Federal Council has mandated the SNSF to launch a call for the National Research Programme "Covid-19" (NRP 78).

The call targets research in the following research areas:

  • Basic aspects of the biology, pathogenicity and immunogenicity of Sars-CoV-2.
  • New approaches in Covid-19 epidemiology and disease prevention.
  • Covid-19 vaccine, drug and diagnostics development.
  • Clinical Covid-19 research and therapeutic interventions.

Who can apply:
  • 1-4 applicants.
  • 1-2 applicant may be based abroad if she/he brings essential expertise.
  • PhD obtained at least 4 years prior to the application deadline or equivalent qualification. This restriction does not apply to independent researchers holding a PhD, who can apply as soon as they get the said position.

Funding & Duration: Max. CHF 2M for max. 24 months starting between 1 August and 31 October 2020. No extensions possible

Deadline: 25th May 2020

For further information about this call, please have a look at the EPFL Toolkit (including EPFL instructions and budget calculator) and contact [email protected]

For other COVID-19-related calls, please have a look at this list, which is regularly maintained by the ReO.

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