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  Thursday 17 May 2018 11:15 - 12:00 RLC D1 661

New technology and lots of data - how can learning be more efficient, more deep and more fun?

By Prof Helle Rootzén is Professor in Learning Technology and Digitalization at the Technical University of Denmark. Head of learnT DTU - Centre for Digital Learning Technology. Has Been head of DTU Compute from 2010-2015. Is working on learning technology, learning analytics, evidence in learning, learning objects, e-learning, and student based learning. Likes to look into the exponential future, leadership, statistics, big data, and diversity. Is member of the IT advisory group set up by the Danish Minister of Education, and member of ATV - Danish Academy of Tecnical Sciences.  

Can VR be used for helping people with dementia? How do we help small companies cope with Industry 4.0? How do we analyze and visualize data created by digital learning technologies? And, how do we help primary schools embrace digital learning technology?
learnT – Center for Digital Learning Technology – is a research and innovation center at DTU Compute. It is placed together with strong research environments within statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, internet of things and software development. In learnT, we work with learning analytics, educational data mining, learning design, learning theories, playful learning and ethics, as these areas are highly relevant to understand learning and develop effective, motivational and fun learning technology. learnT and DTU Compute’s technological starting point enables our students not only to design and improve concepts but also to create future learning technology based on their technical knowledge and ability.

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