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Date and time 24.01.2021  
Category Call for proposal

The Hasler Foundation launches Hasler Responsible AI as a new three year thematic research program for 2021.
Particular research subjects include but are not restricted to

  • technical robustness and safety, providing formal guarantees
  • transparency of decisions, explainable AI, interpretability, understandability, traceability
  • fairness, bias, discrimination, causality
  • disinformation, fake news, ethics of AI

Advances in information and communication technology as well as in computer science must be at the center of all projects in the Hasler Responsible AI research program.

Submission Procedure

All documents are to be submitted in electronic form to [email protected].
  1. Submission of short proposals by 24.01.2021
  2. Evaluation of short proposals: Decision on acceptance of short proposals and invitation to a hearing by 12.02.2021
  3. Hearings for invited projects on 01.03.2021 afternoon and 02.03.2021
  4. Decision on invited projects to submit a full proposal by 05.03.2021
  5. Submission deadline for full proposals by 16.05.2021
  6. Final decision on acceptance of projects by 23.09.2021
  7. Start of project funding from 01.10.2021

Additional Information:
EPFL contact: [email protected]

Accessibility: General public

Admittance: Free

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  • General public
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