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  Monday 26 March 2018 16:15 - 17:15 CE 1 3

Novel Directions in Spintronics from Topology and Spin-Orbit Coupling in Low Dimensions

By Prof. Albert Fert, CNRS/Thales, Uni Paris-sud, Uni Paris-Saclay - Nobel Prize in Physics 2007

New phenomena induced by spin-orbit coupling (SOC) and topology effects in low dimensions lead to the emergence of novel directions in spintronics. I will describe examples of experimental results and the resulting perspectives of applications.
- First example: The spin-momentum locked 2D-states of topological insulators, Rashba systems, oxides interfaces or in transition           metal dichalcogenides give rise to efficient spin/charge conversions that are promising for spintronic devices.
- Second example, the chiral spin interactions induced by SOC at magnetic-film/heavy metal interfaces generate magnetic skyrmions, nanoscale spin whirls stabilized by their topology. Recent results on the electrical creation, manipulation, and detection of skyrmions at room temperature represent real advances on the route to applications.


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