On the Linear (In)stability of Extremal Reissner-Nordström Spacetime


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Date 09.02.2024
Hour 14:15
Speaker Dr Marios Apetroaie (University of Münster) 
Category Conferences - Seminars
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Gravitational and electromagnetic perturbations for the full subextremal range, |Q|<M, of Reissner-Nordström spacetimes, as solutions to the Einstein-Maxwell equations, have been shown to be linearly stable. We address the aforementioned problem for the extremal, |Q|=M,  Reissner-Nordström spacetime, and contrary to the subextremal case we see that both stability and instability results hold, where the later manifests along the event horizon of the black hole, H^+. In particular, depending on the number of horizon-transversal derivatives of derived gauge-invariant quantities, we show decay, non-decay, and polynomial blow-up estimates asymptotically along H^+. This leads to analogous estimates for solutions to the generalized Teukolsky system of positive and negative spin. Stronger and unprecedented instabilities are realized for the negative spin solutions, with the extreme curvature component, $\underline{a}$, not decaying asymptotically along the event horizon.


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