Open Air Cinema + GIFF XR roadshow & 24H SONO


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Date 30.05.2024 01.06.2024
Hour 12:00
Category Cultural events
Event Language French, English

On 30, 31 May and 1 June, enjoy three evenings of free Open Air Cinema on campus! EPFL Pavilions and the Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF) are offering three science-fiction films that echo the Cyber Physical: Architecture in Real Time exhibition, as well as an immersive VR experience to be discovered in GIFF’s XR Roadshow caravan. On Saturday 1 June from 7 pm to 9:30 pm, Lausanne musées’ 24H SONO music event will be taking place on Place Cosandey before the screenings.

☔️ In case of rain, the screenings are moved to auditorium MED 0 1418 and food trucks and DJs to the hall of the MED building


  • Thursday 30.5, 9:30 pm
Satoshi Kon, 2006, 90’
In the future, a new psychotherapeutic treatment called PT has been invented. Thanks to a machine called the DC Mini, it is possible to enter patients' dreams and record them in order to plumb the depths of thought and the unconscious. While the process is still in the testing phase, one of the DC Mini's prototypes is stolen, creating panic among the scientists who developed this little revolution.
  • Friday 31.5, 9:30 pm
High Rise
Ben Wheatley, 2015, 119’
Dr Robert Laing, seeking anonymity, moves into a new flat in a barely completed tower block near London, but he soon discovers that his neighbours, obsessed by a strange rivalry, have no intention of leaving him in peace. He soon falls foul of them, and as he struggles to maintain his social position, his manners and sanity begin to deteriorate along with the building.
  • Saturday 1.6, 7 pm–9:30 pm
7 pm–8:30 pm
Sebb Bash (DJ set)
8:30 pm–9:30 pm
Sebastiao Loopes (DJ set)
  • Saturday 1.6, 9:30 pm
Blade Runner: The Final Cut
Ridley Scott, 2007, 117’
In the year 2019, an ex-policeman turned private detective, Rick Deckard, is called back into service to hunt down human-looking robots called "replicants." Deckard must eliminate four of them hiding in Los Angeles.
  • Everyday, 12 am–9 pm
GIFF XR roadshow
Deniz Tortum, Sister Sylvester, 2023, VR, 15’
The opportunity to explore virtual worlds wasn't something invented in the 2010s: the original headsets appeared in 1968 with Ivan Sutherland's Sword of Damocles, for the first time offering wearers the chance to project themselves outside of reality. Become a spectator of this story of technology and a new era of live experiences. Take control of an experimental time capsule that will transport you back to the origins of virtual reality and the birth of a new imagination, to better understand its full potential and question the current world about its future.


Practical information

  • General public
  • Free


  • EPFL Pavilions, GIFF