Optical 3D nano-fabrication technologies: top-down and bottom-up approaches


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Date 01.10.2018 10:1511:00  
Speaker Prof. Satoshi Kawata, Osaka University
Category Conferences - Seminars

Institute of Microengineering - Distinguished Lecture

Campus Lausanne SV 1717 (live)
Campus Microcity MC B0 302 (video)
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Abstract: Nanotechnology has been contributing to our modern life as been used in IC chips, computers, smartphones, flat displays, game machines; even recent appliances and automobiles are fully equipped with advanced nano-devices and nano-materials.  However, most of existing nano-fabrication technologies are limited to the modification of surfaces or thin films of the materials in two dimensions, where e-beam, ion-beam, and photon are used.  Electronic nano-circuits, high-density data storage, liquid-crystal displays, and MEMSs and NEMSs are all basically in two dimensions.  In this presentation, I would like to discuss the methods of real three-dimensional nanofabrication with laser-beam drawing combined with two-photon polymerization for 3D micro- and nano-machines [1], two-photon isomerization for 3D rewritable optical data-storage [2], and two-photon photo-reduction for 3D metamaterials [3].  For fabricating large-scale complex structures, self-growth technology has been successfully utilized, such as self-grown fiber structures of polymer [4] and self-grown metallic fractal metamaterials structures [5]. 

Bio: Professor Satoshi Kawata has been a Professor of Applied Physics at Osaka University, Japan since 1993. He has been also a Chief Scientist at RIKEN from 2002 to 2012, and a Team Leader till 2015. He is now the Professor Emeritus and the Founding Director of Photonics Center (PARC) of Osaka University, and the Honorary Scientist of RIKEN. He started up a laser-scanning Raman microscope company, Nanophoton Corporation (www.nanophoton.net), in 2003, where he is now the chairman of the board.  He has served as the President of Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP), the President of Spectroscopical Society of Japan, and the Editor of Optics Communications, and Directors of many societies.  Professor Kawata has invented a number of new concepts in photonics, including aperture-less near-field scanning microscopy, evanescent wave photon pressure, optical CT microscopy, plasmon holography, tip-enhanced and deep UV Raman microscopy, two-photon nano-fabrication. He is a Fellow of OSA, SPIE, IOP, and JSAP.

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